Everything you need to know about our Company
There are thousands of jobs available in the market. To create a bridge between the recruiters and the applicants, that too with the process that reaches specific recruiters and applicants is a herculean task. Our applications come very close to perfection, but learning and updation is always required so upgradation remains a continuous process.
Basic features of Bit Job Application
  • A brief details/charts of all types of government and semi government jobs
  • There are connected links which gives job details and how to apply.
  • A brief idea about how to prepare for those jobs
  • Study modules and practice sets availability
  • Books to refer
  • Institutes near you (available in our database)
  • Suggest an institute near you (creates an entry of institute which are not available in our database)
  • Separate handling of private jobs
  • Applicants will get notification for jobs related to their requirements.
  • There is least mess up for what is required and what is not required.
  • You will also see a chart (Career Chart) which will help you in selection of your career.
  • The Job searching feature is also available with the education, posts, age, privileges, state, city and more
  • There are a lot more features available.
Mere development of an application is not a goal but to make it reachable to a bigger number of people is what we are aiming for.