Student Management

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Student management for any medium size or big Institute is a very challenging task. The situation become worse when number is so big that it becomes hard to recognize all of them. There emerge such possibility where traditional way of handling them become insufficient. When there is a problem sooner or later we develop solution for that as well. We come very close to counter all the issues and give a great solution in the form of CareerSarthi Student Management tool.

What are the common issues for an Institution?

  • If the number of student is big then we institutions face difficulties in recognising them.
  • There are numerous courses then it become difficult to identify which student has opted for which course.
  • Fake receipts can be created.
  • Photo verification can not be done (verification through Printed IDs & Institute Data
  • Attendance can not be marked properly.
  • Complete record can not be retrieved at once whenever it is required.
  • Keeping a track of Fees sometime become beyond control or becomes a costly affair.
  • Handling the entries for the receipt of study materials become very difficult.
  • Traditional approach is also very time consuming.
  • Biometric or other devices are costly and not very fruitful for medium size institution.
  • Administrator of the institution can not take swift actions as instant reports are not available.

Solution to those Problems by CareerSarthi

  • Institute may handle any number of students in a very organised manner.
  • Packages and Courses wise handling becomes very effective
  • No chance of fake receipt.
  • Through Institute Data we may verify the Photo of the Student and no chance of getting bluffed.
  • Attendance can be marked properly and effectively.
  • Authorised person may access any detail about the student and act accordingly.
  • All the dues can be properly handled and thus timely collected.
  • If institute provides study materials or practice papers then it becomes very convenient to handle them properly.
  • Time and Human Resource Management becomes very easy.
  • QR code with Photo is the basis of this application.
  • Reports may be generated instantly thus swift actions can be taken by the Administrator.