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Every institution whether bigger or smaller always face challenges in equipping its students with the best that they can provide. Apart from offline explanation and detailings there is a huge requirement of Online Support. Online support of any kind can be more widespread, available 24x7, quickly updated, can be of various forms like Images, Videos, SWF, Flash, PDFs, Audios, Games and more. Institutions can put these online modes for sale or may be free of charge. Institution may control where to sell and at what price. Each exam has a specific syllabus and they are operated within specific rules. Even then experienced institution uses tricks to cut short the preparation. They guide and supply such study materials that their students are benefited the most. Practice sets helps them in scoring more marks and staying ahead in this neck throat competitive world.

Challenges for an Institution:

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
  • The flow of students is not uniform so uniformity in teaching can not be provided.
  • One can not create unlimited batches for teaching
  • One can not become expert in all the subjects
  • Teachers shift from one institution to another institution in search of growth
  • Seats are limited (students are sometimes more and sometimes less)
  • Each student’s learning capabilities differs.
  • You may not explain everything on white or black boards.
  • There are lots of printing costs involved.
  • Used papers become waste after 1 year.
  • Handling of printing materials is also a very costly affair.
  • Today Exams are conducted on OMR sheets, Online, on a regular theoretical models and Practical Modes. Maintaining all related resources is a very very costly affairs.
  • Providing timely and individual analysis to all the students is an impossible task during numerous practice sessions.
  • Lots of Government Jobs have very small duration between announcement of vacancies and conduction of exams.
  • And there are a lot more

Challenges Vs. Career Sarthi Study Modules:

  • Students can start preparation at any point of time provided they have minimum required preparatory hours left for preparation.
  • Students will not be compromised from the step by step flow of the preparation.
  • Institution can teach endless number of students without worrying about the size of classroom that it has.
  • Institution can opt for eLearning videos and tutorials in case of absence of specific teachers and then provide practice sets for proper understanding.
  • Even if any teacher is missing a support of online teaching is always there. It will never minimise the importance of real teachers but will provide support for filling the gap during change of teachers.
  • As each student's learning is different some of them grasps fast and others are hardworking and less in understanding things. Both reaches destination but by putting distinct efforts. So some require more time to understand and learn than others. Presence of virtual teacher helps both kind of students and gives fair chance for facing the competition.
  • You have various mode for explaining things like Images, PDFs, Videos, Games, SWF, Texts, Bookmarks. Etc.
  • Minimum printing costs.
  • Minimum transportation cost and everything is transferred on a digital mode.
  • All required modes for Conducting practice exams are available on rent.
  • Individual analysis is provided for keeping an overall Growth of Students.
  • We have solution to this and you need to pay for that period only when you use our resources.
  • We have many associated features.